for biological analysis

INTA develops and produces lab-on-a-chips for the detection of several biological analytes as proteins, viruses, bacteria even in body fluids (blood, saliva). The technology is based on nanoacoustics. By using advanced techniques for the immobilization of probe molecules on the surface of the biosensors and thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms for the data analysis, the INTA's products can detect bio-analytes with very high precision and sensitivity on the surface of a small chip. This technology can be applied to several fields as biomedical, environmental monitoring, security, industry, food analysis.

INTA is developing its first product for the diagnosis of traumatic brain injuries with a rapid and portable system for blood analysis.


From a single drop of blood

From a single

drop of blood

All it takes to perform an accurate analysis is a drop of blood, nothing else!

Detect Biomarkers

Our product detects


  • Proteins/antibodies
  • Viruses (e.g., measles, SARS-CoV-2 spike)
  • Bacteria (e.g., legionella)
  •  Other bio-analytes (e.g., nucleic acids) can be evaluated upon request
Fast and accurate diagnosis

Fast and accurate


The patient receives more precise diagnoses without unnecessary analyzes, but above all faster!

Cost and time reduction


of cost and time

Thanks to this new technology it is possible to save expensive and sometimes useless analyzes.

Our publications

IEEE Access

Full-SAW Microfluidics-Based Lab-on-a-Chip for Biosensing

Many approaches to diagnostic testing remain decades old. Well-established biosensing technologies typically cannot fulfill the requirements....

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Sensors and Actuators: B Chemical

A Rayleigh surface acoustic wave (R-SAW) resonator biosensor based on positive and negative reflectors with sub-nanomolar limit of detection

Many approaches to diagnostic testing remain decades old. Well-established biosensing technologies (e.g., enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays and radio-immunoassays) typically cannot fulfill the requirements of portability and ease of use necessary for point-of-care purposes...

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